Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got my stripes

I don't know if I earned them, but I got them. Forrest did a great job on the repair and laying the pearl on the bags and fender, Doug followed thru with my Maltese Cross design on the bag lids and the stripes on the fender. Beautiful.

Mike and Vicky had Dave, Paige and I over for dinner last week. Great steaks Mike!

Dave and I rode to Port Orchard for coffee this morning. We met Mike and Chuck at Tully's. Nice to talk about everything except work with these guys. Everyone feels better after they retire. Chuck just got back from umpiring Little League regionals in California and Mike is heading down to the family ranch in California tomorrow to do some shooting.

I'll be packing up and moving back to Thorp tomorrow. I'll make one return trip to this side of the mountains to attend my 40th high school reunion on the 12th of September. Don't know why I'm going for sure, I have not attended any earlier reunions.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've moved to Bremerton. Forrest is my host. He will also be repairing the rear fender on the bike. I purchased a new "Tail Bagger" kit from CycleVisions and my new hard saddlebags actually hang straight on the bike. I hope to get some pinstriping done, too.
Accommodations here are good - I have water, sewer and 30 amp electricity. Three things I didn't have at Ross and Patti's. HOWEVER - I don't have cable tv or internet access. Two things I did have at Ross and Patti's.
The weather is supposed to be acceptable on the wet side of the state for the next week or two. That will be just right. I'll head back to Thorp for most of September, then be on my way to Apache Junction.
I thought time would slow down when I retired, but the summer has flown by.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My adopted home in Thorp

A few pictures of my summer home in Thorp. Ross and Patti are gracious hosts. I am lucky to have the opportunity to share their "park".