Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trailer Tramp Art

Before John and Jane arrived and before they moved in to their new space at the park, we inspected the shed that they purchased and found four satellite dishes inside. Little imps that we are (I am?), we placed the gray dishes around their palm tree as a "Welcome Home" greeting.

John and Jane are good sports and accepted the greeting in the way it was extended.

Then they decided to take it a little farther and create Halloween decorations from the dishes. Of course now they will have to continue the tradition and decorate the dishes for other holidays.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Apache Junction wheels

Sometimes it is nice to have something more than a motorcycle. Dave and Paige tell me that I can borrow their Jeep, and others have offered the use of their vehicles, but after having the use of Ross and Patti's truck in the summer, I knew I wanted something down here in Arizona, too.

Here is my 1998 Ford Ranger. Bare bones - four cylinder, five speed and air conditioning. It's in pretty nice shape and I didn't spend very much money.

Mud Dobbers Ball

Living in a motor home means putting up with some smells. It's a small house sitting directly above the septic tank that gets heated by the noon-day sun.
I have meant to do something about improving the ventilation of the tank for some time. I bought a fancy whirlygig vent head in May for that purpose.
I finally got up on the roof to do something about it this morning. The picture shows the mud wasp nest that almost entirely closed the vent.

C.B. - I'm sorry I didn't have this fixed before your visit in Durango.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New shades!

I suffered through the heat of May in my motorhome and decided that when I returned to Apache Junction I was going to invest in shades for the outside of all of my windows. They not only cool the coach, they provide some privacy when the curtains are open so I can watch the world go by.

I also got a different seat on the bike with a better passenger seat so I can take some of the ladies in the park for a ride in comfort. While I was working on replacing the seat, I switched over to my "good neighbor" mufflers. The bike just doesn't sound the same. I might as well be riding a BMW.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weather is great, wish you were here.

The weather has been perfect. I arrived just after the 100 degree heat ended. The temps have stayed in the mid to high 80s with a slight breeze. Perfect. The long range forecast calls for sub 100 temps the rest of the year. It may be in the 90s this weekend. I spoke too soon - 100 degrees on Friday and Saturday.
I have ordered screens for the outside of all of the windows on the coach. Others in the park have them, they offer some privacy with the curtains open and help keep the inside cool. They should be installed on Thursday. I washed the windows this morning in preparation for the installation.
I rode down Hiway 79 to Catalina for breakfast yesterday, then rode to Winkleman on 77, 177 to Superior (with a stop at Dairy Queen), then 60 back home.
Other park residents are trickling in. It's nice to see everyone again.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Almost home, Arizona

As close as I've got to a home I guess. I'm here. Plugged in and anchored down. Only 97 today.

The zip code at the park changed to 85119.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Las Vegas sucks

..or at least driving through Las Vegas sucks. After my 505 mile drive from hell yesterday, I hoped for better today. The first half of the drive, through Utah to St. George, was beautiful. Then came the windy, white knuckle, mind numbing drive to North Las Vegas.
I've been to Las Vegas three times. The same construction project continues. The exit to 95 south off of 15 should be illegal.
The good news is that I am in Lake Havasu. Dave told me I should see it. When I told him where I was, he said I was on the wrong side of the lake. You just can't please some people.
Tomorrow should be a fairly easy drive of 270 miles or so to Apache Junction. I am back in shorts and sandals - as it should be.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Filmore West

After 150 miles of the worst, most boring road imaginable south of Boise, I passed the next 150 miles driving through construction from Ogden to Salt Lake City.

I don't enjoy driving the rv as much as I used to prior to the "incident" in May. With every little bump my balls and my heart meet deep in the pit of my stomach. I stop often to check on the bike - no problems so far. I am glad I put nylock nuts on the fasteners. Everything else has been shaken loose.

I am spending the night in Filmore, Utah. Farther than I had planned to drive. I missed an exit in the construction zone, so missed the park I had planned to grace with my presence.

Dinner and a couple beers and I'm out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thorp to Caldwell

Easy 375 miles to Caldwell, ID. Found a nice RV park - Country Corners Campground and RV Park. Free wifi, good tv reception, all pull throughs, good power and water and a Good Sam park. Only $23.
Decided to leave this morning because there was no wind this morning and my furnace ran all night last night. Will have to disconnect the water hose tonight before bed, they had frost here last night.