Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Apache Junction wheels

Sometimes it is nice to have something more than a motorcycle. Dave and Paige tell me that I can borrow their Jeep, and others have offered the use of their vehicles, but after having the use of Ross and Patti's truck in the summer, I knew I wanted something down here in Arizona, too.

Here is my 1998 Ford Ranger. Bare bones - four cylinder, five speed and air conditioning. It's in pretty nice shape and I didn't spend very much money.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking ride. Good to have your own four wheels for the days when the HD just isn't what is required. AC works well as expected?

Anonymous said...

Hello Scott...it's been awhile since I've been to your blog. I guess I thought you quit blogging for awhile there and stopped checking in.

I use to own a 94 Ford Ranger extended cab 4-WD. Same color as yours too. I had the truck for 10 years and ran up 130k miles with it. Great truck, I loved it. I hope that yours serves you as well.

I'll try to check in here a little more often. alepel

CiaoBella! said...

Nice ride. Did you see those screens they make to install over those vents to prevent wasp nests?