Saturday, October 3, 2009

Las Vegas sucks

..or at least driving through Las Vegas sucks. After my 505 mile drive from hell yesterday, I hoped for better today. The first half of the drive, through Utah to St. George, was beautiful. Then came the windy, white knuckle, mind numbing drive to North Las Vegas.
I've been to Las Vegas three times. The same construction project continues. The exit to 95 south off of 15 should be illegal.
The good news is that I am in Lake Havasu. Dave told me I should see it. When I told him where I was, he said I was on the wrong side of the lake. You just can't please some people.
Tomorrow should be a fairly easy drive of 270 miles or so to Apache Junction. I am back in shorts and sandals - as it should be.


Anonymous said...

Rob says, why do you punish yourself with these long drives! Take your time, meet some people, maybe get lucky, arrive relaxed instead of feeling like you've escaped from a mental hospital. Glad to hear from you and know your safe and almost to your destination. Don't worry, had you gone to the other side of the lake it would still be the wrong side. Start saving your Canadian money cause before you know it we'll be riding through BC.

Scott said...

Rob I stick to the big hiways and drive like hell because this motorhome is no fun on side streets. I tried to go to a scenic viewpoint and almost got stuck. I'll do my sightseeing from the bike.