Friday, January 30, 2009

It's all about Rob

Rob didn't like the picture I posted of my bike and since it's all about Rob, he can wait a while for a couple more shots. Rob reports that he is making a remarkable recovery from his double hip replacement. Isn't modern medicine amazing? He plans to attend the annual group ride this summer - Spud Run '09.

We rode to Buddy Stubbs for his "Take Off Sale". Free food, music and a tour of his museum. You can read about Buddy and his museum here:

Then it was on to Hacienda Harley to look at more shiny bikes, buy a tee shirt and dream.

From there we went to the longest running continuous classic car and motorcycle show and shine - 20 years at MacDonalds in Scottsdale. The star for me and Dave was this DeSoto AirFlow.

I guess I also have to answer to Dean. He says my blog has become too centered on the Harley. I write about the Harley because it's where most of my time is spent. Either riding it to get groceries, or riding it for pleasure with the group from the park on Wednesdays, or talking about bikes with Dave (he loves helping me spend my money). Dean and Sue will be back in the west valley next week. It will be good to see them again.

I write about the Harley because I think it's probably the most interesting thing to talk about. I doubt that you want to hear about me doing laundry or cleaning the RV (I really should do that more often). I could, I suppose, talk more often about about our hikes in the hills and desert or my golfing exploits (I shot a 37 on Thursday). Raise your hand if you want to see more pictures of desert and cactus.

My schedule:
Monday - morning hike
Tuesday - recuperate from the hike
Wednesday - ride 100 miles away from the park, have lunch and return
Thursday - golf
Friday - Recover from golf
Saturday and Sunday - rest for the upcoming week


The days are interrupted by strolls around the rv park, visits with my neighbors, card games at night, pool games in the mornings, and occasional soaks in the hot tub. The weather of late has been phenomenal - mid 70s in the afternoon and lower 40s at night.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bags are painted!

It was a beautiful if chilly morning for our weekly ride. Only five of us braved the 50 degree (I know) weather for a 200+ mile round trip ride to New River, AZ for lunch. Everyone seemed pleased with the noon meal at The Road Runner Cafe. I know I was. I especially appreciated the warmth of the fire. Like so many of the bars/saloons/restaurants in the area that cater to motorcycle riders, The Road Runner has a large outdoor area with a stage and barbecue and bar. I'm sure it's packed on the weekends.

On the return trip we stopped at yet another Harley dealership, Buddy Stubb's Anthem Harley Davidson, for another tee shirt and to ogle the shiny new bikes. While we were wandering around the dealership, I got a call from Patrick, letting me know that my bags were done and ready to go. We all headed for Mesa and his shop.

My police bags were originally black and looked okay on my white bike, but I decided I wanted them painted to match the blue pearl white. They do and I think they look pretty sharp. The workmanship isn't up to the level of Forrest and Kenny's work, but I didn't want to wait until I was back in Bremerton to get them painted. A couple pieces of trim and they are done. Now what shall I buy?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Motorcycle graveyard

We've all seen them. What were once proud, beautiful, steel steeds reduced to piles of rotting rubber and rusting steel covered with a shredded blue tarp, hidden behind sheds and garages across the land. Dreams of restoration and customization long forgotten. Where do they go from there? Perhaps they are adopted by another dreamer. Some are scrap metal or razor blades by now. It seems all of those broken two wheel dreams in central Arizona end their days in Rye. Rye is a very small village near Payson, just north of Phoenix. It was a beautiful day for a ride.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beautiful day, beautiful mountain

Dave took one of our neighbors for her very first motorcycle ride today. She is 70 and has always wanted to ride a Harley. She never stopped smiling and didn't really want the ride to end. It is a beautiful day and the mountain is out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Another "gotta do" checked off of the list. I've watched the Barrett-Jackson auctions for years, even back when it wasn't popular and they weren't selling muscle cars. So many cars to look at, so many memories, so many people!

We saw the first production Thunderbird, Allard's Allard, the first '57 Chevy - so many beautiful, exotic, unique, weird, wonderful cars.

Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Superstitious moon

Biggest full moon of the year rising over the Superstition Mountains. I can't take credit for the picture, Dave took this one. Little point and shoot cameras are fine for snapshots on clear sunny days. One day I'll splurge on something better.

The moonrise was beautiful.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dave gets taken for a ride

In this episode, we find our hero's sidekick Dave about to take the ride of his dreams - on a B17! He received the gift of flight last year and finally made arrangements to fly today around noon. Due to a broken exhaust stud and the resultant repairs, actual take-off was closer to 3 p.m. Dave didn't care, he couldn't stop grinning. I think he was still trying to fly on the drive home.

I'm sure you'll find more info and pics on Dave and Paige's blog: