Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A small group of riders from the park took a ride to San Manuel, south on hiway 77, for lunch. It was a beautiful, sunny, seventy-four degree day. The burger at Mel's was good. You would never find this place. No outdoor advertising, no neon "OPEN" sign, no crowds. Our small group almost overwhelmed them. The owner seemed genuinely pleased to have us stop at his little cafe and hoped that we would return.

I plan to celebrate the new year, a year of promised change and hope, by jumping in the pool at midnight. I've tried to enlist followers, but it is doubtful anyone will join me. I hope the heater is on.

The water was warm and I was the only one that jumped in the pool.

To all my family and friends, my sincerest wish that this is the best year ever for each and every one of us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Retirement!!

Another group of friends at the shipyard have chosen to retire at the end of this year: Fellow blogger Dan W. finally put down his drafting pencil (okay, computer mouse) and will hit the high seas. Good friend and one time softball team mate Mike W. can now attend all of the spring training games his heart desires. Old Fat Barb (inside joke) can take some time for herself and find a sunny beach.

I'm sure others chose to go out at the end of this year. Maybe someone can add names to this list.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spokane snow

My nephew sent a picture of the snow accumulation in Spokane. He wrote nothing, just sent the picture.
Okay Chris, I understand.
Patti says Ross is over that way overseeing a water loss job at Washington State University. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm sorry that he isn't home with Patti where he belongs.
Mary has flow ice on her beach, but they are snug and warm in their cabin. She was up late watching the snow, Big Tom was stretched out in the Lazy Boy - as it should be.
The family gathering at Mom's went well, thirty-two family members celebrated the holidays together. Thanks for the pictures Mary.
A group of friends had the annual day-after-Thanksgiving dinner at Boone and Wendy's home. Boone did finally post a few pictures on his blog with varying levels of success.
My emissary to both was my son Thom. I appreciate that you took the time to represent our little family at both events Buddy. Erica missed the trip to Grandma's due to the arrival of a friend she made in Croatia. Alenka was her tour guide on the trip. They flew to L.A. for the heck of it, hoping for warmer weather. I don't think that happened.
It is my sincerest hope that all of my family and friends stay safe and warm through this storm and that the weather improves soon.
Except for Tammi. She says she likes the snow and has lots of chocolate to see her through the holidays.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking RV

I don't expect any sympathy, nor am I looking for any.
Gray skies and drizzle - sounds like a typical western Washington day - only I'm in "the valley of the sun".
The ground is baked so hard by the sun that the bit of water that falls cannot penetrate the earth's crust. Gathering rivulets turn in to rivers running down the streets of the park and collect in a dry basin that becomes a lake.
During my travels I scoff at those dry washes that are labeled as "rivers". In periods of heavy rain they become rivers, if only for a short time.
I just checked to ensure that my roof repair is holding, all of the wet weather seems to be staying outside.
When it rains, I lose the largest "room" I have and the five steps from one end of the Minnie Winnie to the other seem to get smaller.

I talked to Mom and learned that 32 members of the family gathered at her home on Sunday. I'm glad so many braved the weather and joined in. I miss you all.

Speaking of family, sister Chris is now on-line, it's nice to be able to exchange notes with her. Now if we could just get Pam to join in...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Life in this RV park is much different than the months spent on the road, travelling from state to state, and that's okay.

Hiking on Tuesdays, golfing on Thursdays, sitting in the hot tub with Dave in the evenings - it's all good.

Most of the "guys" in the park have projects to work on - just like any homeowner. A good carpenter with a set of tools can stay as busy as he wants. One such person has been kept busy building steps. Steps and sheds are big items in this type of RV park.

So is landscaping. There is no grass in the park. Different shades on crushed granite or lava rock, some white marble, stepping stone and pavers of varying design, size and color creating pathways, welcoming neighbors to the front doors of park models (semi permanent installations), fifth wheels, trailers and coaches.

It's amazing how many Christmas lights can fit in the RVs in the park. The day after Thanksgiving they started going up. It doesn't seem to matter how far I run, I can't get away from Christmas.

Dave and I spent the day installing my "new to me" Springer dual exhaust. I need a couple brackets, I'll post a picture when the installation is complete in a week or so.

As this is Wednesday, it was $2 margarita night at the restaurant next door. Nuff said.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Something to do on a Tuesday

A group of folks from the park (and the sister park up the road) went for a short hike this morning in the Tonto National Park. Nothing too strenuous to start with. This group hikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As my Thursdays are busy with golf, I'll probably only get out on the Tuesday hikes. I even got Dave out of bed early to tag along.