Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spokane snow

My nephew sent a picture of the snow accumulation in Spokane. He wrote nothing, just sent the picture.
Okay Chris, I understand.
Patti says Ross is over that way overseeing a water loss job at Washington State University. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm sorry that he isn't home with Patti where he belongs.
Mary has flow ice on her beach, but they are snug and warm in their cabin. She was up late watching the snow, Big Tom was stretched out in the Lazy Boy - as it should be.
The family gathering at Mom's went well, thirty-two family members celebrated the holidays together. Thanks for the pictures Mary.
A group of friends had the annual day-after-Thanksgiving dinner at Boone and Wendy's home. Boone did finally post a few pictures on his blog with varying levels of success.
My emissary to both was my son Thom. I appreciate that you took the time to represent our little family at both events Buddy. Erica missed the trip to Grandma's due to the arrival of a friend she made in Croatia. Alenka was her tour guide on the trip. They flew to L.A. for the heck of it, hoping for warmer weather. I don't think that happened.
It is my sincerest hope that all of my family and friends stay safe and warm through this storm and that the weather improves soon.
Except for Tammi. She says she likes the snow and has lots of chocolate to see her through the holidays.


Dan said...

I heard that there would be areas in the NW where snow depth would have to be measured with a yardstick. WOW!

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are playing in Qwest Field in a snowstorm!

Scott said...

AND they won! I got to watch the game down here (and see the snow).

CiaoBella! said...

Seattle really got hit with the snow at the beginning of that game. Big plops! It was pretty awesome, huh?