Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A small group of riders from the park took a ride to San Manuel, south on hiway 77, for lunch. It was a beautiful, sunny, seventy-four degree day. The burger at Mel's was good. You would never find this place. No outdoor advertising, no neon "OPEN" sign, no crowds. Our small group almost overwhelmed them. The owner seemed genuinely pleased to have us stop at his little cafe and hoped that we would return.

I plan to celebrate the new year, a year of promised change and hope, by jumping in the pool at midnight. I've tried to enlist followers, but it is doubtful anyone will join me. I hope the heater is on.

The water was warm and I was the only one that jumped in the pool.

To all my family and friends, my sincerest wish that this is the best year ever for each and every one of us.


Anonymous said...

Rob says, I couldnt' get anyone to agree to make snow angels naked at midnight with me either. Party poopers! I suppose I'd have to keep an oil can close buy to lube up my new metal hips anyways. Happy New Year!!!!

Dan said...

Happy New Year! And jump in the pool even if no one else does.

MW said...

And best wishes for the new year to you my friend.

gerrycammy said...

Good thing you didn't follow Rob's plan instead.

Happy F'in New Year...

There was snow on the ground here again this morning... doh!

Ronnie said...

You've reminded me of the tradition my dad and a friend of his shared for years. They would call each other up on NYE, and then set down their phones while they jumped into whatever body of water was handy. My dad often got the worst of this, having to jump into SF Bay while John got a lake in Georgia. But one memorable year, my dad was in Manzanillo, Mexico, and John was back east somewhere where he had to break through the ice to get wet. I've always suspected John only pretended to jump in that year. :-)

Glad you got to do it for real in a more hospitable climate. Happy New Year!