Monday, December 15, 2014

A major life event

Now this is really deserving of a blog post. I got married.
Lynn and I have been dating and/or living together for four years. We are simpatico. Neither of us smokes, drinks excessively, swears too much, gambles, is extreme politically, or impossible to live with and we both like to ride.

We met, realized our mutual attraction, fell in love and waited for the right time to get married.

Meet-up. Yes, we did meet through a Meet-Up group on-line. A motorcycle riding group called the East Side Road Rascals (how's that for a badass motorcycle club name?). She was looking for an empty back seat to a gathering and I was looking for a riding companion. I met her husband when I picked her up. I didn't know they were already working on their divorce. We had dinner, I took her home. Then we went on another, longer ride and I learned a bit more about her situation.

Eventually, she moved to Flagstaff and I went to Washington for the summer. When I returned to Apache Junction, I asked her to join me. We managed Superstition Lookout RV Resort one summer, lived for a year and a half in 400 square feet. We still enjoyed each other's company after that and decided to do something to make things permanent.

Last April, we moved to Fallon, Nevada (because I didn't want to be a resident of Arizona), bought a house and on December 13, 2014 (12-13-14) we got married. It was a very small gathering in front of a Justice of the Peace - just six of us. Erica and Thom were able to attend and our good friends Pat and Craig Green made the trip up from AJ to be with us.

It was a good day.