Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Life in this RV park is much different than the months spent on the road, travelling from state to state, and that's okay.

Hiking on Tuesdays, golfing on Thursdays, sitting in the hot tub with Dave in the evenings - it's all good.

Most of the "guys" in the park have projects to work on - just like any homeowner. A good carpenter with a set of tools can stay as busy as he wants. One such person has been kept busy building steps. Steps and sheds are big items in this type of RV park.

So is landscaping. There is no grass in the park. Different shades on crushed granite or lava rock, some white marble, stepping stone and pavers of varying design, size and color creating pathways, welcoming neighbors to the front doors of park models (semi permanent installations), fifth wheels, trailers and coaches.

It's amazing how many Christmas lights can fit in the RVs in the park. The day after Thanksgiving they started going up. It doesn't seem to matter how far I run, I can't get away from Christmas.

Dave and I spent the day installing my "new to me" Springer dual exhaust. I need a couple brackets, I'll post a picture when the installation is complete in a week or so.

As this is Wednesday, it was $2 margarita night at the restaurant next door. Nuff said.


Dan said...

Only 10 more working days and I will establishing new routines.

Scott said...

It took me a while to adjust to a different routine. I still wake up at five!

Bob said...

$2.00? Sounds like a great place to be Scott! Bob