Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bags are painted!

It was a beautiful if chilly morning for our weekly ride. Only five of us braved the 50 degree (I know) weather for a 200+ mile round trip ride to New River, AZ for lunch. Everyone seemed pleased with the noon meal at The Road Runner Cafe. I know I was. I especially appreciated the warmth of the fire. Like so many of the bars/saloons/restaurants in the area that cater to motorcycle riders, The Road Runner has a large outdoor area with a stage and barbecue and bar. I'm sure it's packed on the weekends.

On the return trip we stopped at yet another Harley dealership, Buddy Stubb's Anthem Harley Davidson, for another tee shirt and to ogle the shiny new bikes. While we were wandering around the dealership, I got a call from Patrick, letting me know that my bags were done and ready to go. We all headed for Mesa and his shop.

My police bags were originally black and looked okay on my white bike, but I decided I wanted them painted to match the blue pearl white. They do and I think they look pretty sharp. The workmanship isn't up to the level of Forrest and Kenny's work, but I didn't want to wait until I was back in Bremerton to get them painted. A couple pieces of trim and they are done. Now what shall I buy?


Bob said...

Seems like there is always something on that "must have" list Scott. Indeed, it is the American way. Bob

CiaoBella! said...

Good to hear from you!