Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Motorcycle graveyard

We've all seen them. What were once proud, beautiful, steel steeds reduced to piles of rotting rubber and rusting steel covered with a shredded blue tarp, hidden behind sheds and garages across the land. Dreams of restoration and customization long forgotten. Where do they go from there? Perhaps they are adopted by another dreamer. Some are scrap metal or razor blades by now. It seems all of those broken two wheel dreams in central Arizona end their days in Rye. Rye is a very small village near Payson, just north of Phoenix. It was a beautiful day for a ride.


Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, the tales those machines could tell. All one needs to do is ask then listen.

Allen said...

Ah, I could have some fun in a place like that. Looks like they even have a Bradly GT kit car body on top of that bus in the last pic.