Monday, October 12, 2009

Weather is great, wish you were here.

The weather has been perfect. I arrived just after the 100 degree heat ended. The temps have stayed in the mid to high 80s with a slight breeze. Perfect. The long range forecast calls for sub 100 temps the rest of the year. It may be in the 90s this weekend. I spoke too soon - 100 degrees on Friday and Saturday.
I have ordered screens for the outside of all of the windows on the coach. Others in the park have them, they offer some privacy with the curtains open and help keep the inside cool. They should be installed on Thursday. I washed the windows this morning in preparation for the installation.
I rode down Hiway 79 to Catalina for breakfast yesterday, then rode to Winkleman on 77, 177 to Superior (with a stop at Dairy Queen), then 60 back home.
Other park residents are trickling in. It's nice to see everyone again.


Bob said...

Sounds great Scott! We had snow overnight.

Paige and Dave said...

Actually it's 'The weather is here, wish you were beautiful' ;~)
See you soon

Scott said...

but Paige - you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Rob said,"how do you know if it's Dave or Paige writing the comment?" Winter is here today with rain and wind to accompany the sub 40 degree nights. Of course that's not stopping me from wearing shorts. I'm sure the Park inhabitants will appreciate your new screens as well. No more looking at Scott walking around naked in his coach! Wish it were July and we were off on our Canadian adventure. We might just have to start doing two trips each year. One at the start of summer and one at the end.