Friday, November 14, 2008

What a nice day

There aren't many activities here in the park for which I am going to sign up. Water exercise, card games, jam sessions (yeah, right), and most of you know how I feel about bible study - I'm just not going to spend much time hanging out with the group in the clubhouse.

I am going to spend Thursdays playing golf with the group. What a perfect day for nine holes of golf yesterday. Sunny, about 80 degrees, green fairways and pleasant banter. I enjoyed hearing all of the same old golf jokes and I missed all of those four letter golf words that I heard. I have to say that I didn't hear nearly as many of those four letter golf words yesterday as I used to hear in the shipyard league. It may have had something to do with the fact that one of the guys in my foursome is a preacher...

Yes, I'm rubbing the perfect weather in the collective faces of friends and family in the great northwest that are recovering from 5 inches of rain in one day. I hear the weather was nice yesterday, hope your basements are dry.


MW said...

I hope you sunburn your head!

News from the SY: They're really ripping out pier B quickly. Great view from my new office 100 ft north. Dan Campbell got his name in the Salute for solving some MCM problem....donuts!

Anonymous said...

Would be great to be able to discuss other worldly things with a (retired?) preacher. As they say it isn't a religion as much as a corporation.
Allah Akbar.

Scott said...

John is not retired. He holds bible study and services on Sunday here in the park. Discussing other worldly things with him may be of interest to some, doesn't interest me.