Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's going on?

My almost wife (Paige) is upset with me in that I have not been posting on my blog regularly. I always thought "no news is good news" but I guess that doesn't apply to blogging.
One reason I've not been blogging is that I never remember to either take or use my camera when I am out doing whatever it is that I am doing. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Luckily for all concerned (you and me), I don't have a thousand words in my head.
Last weekend was spent in the Marysville area. I planned on visiting my Mom and my sister and attending my 40th high school reunion. The possibility of staying at the Tulalip Casino hotel was put asunder by the $240 per night room rate. I did visit with Mom and attended the reunion picnic, but was unable to visit with Tom and Mary. There was a mix up (on my part) regarding which day Mary would be returning from San Diego. Oh well, I'll see them in Arizona in the spring.
The reunion was the first I have attended since graduation. It was well organized and it was a lovely day on the lake. A few people were recognizable and a pleasure to see again. I rode by our old house and the location of the old high school, then left. I didn't forget anything for which I need to return.
I returned to a sorrowful house. Patti and Ross' 13 year old cat Reynolds passed away. They are both pretty upset. Reynolds was a feral cat that Ross rescued. He followed Patti around like a little shadow. He ran and hid from just about everyone else. I tricked him in to thinking I was Ross a couple times and got to pet him a little. It was a game I'll miss playing with him.
This weekend has been spent riding. One hundred- sixty miles on Friday on back roads in and around Yakima, many of which ended in gravel and necessitated U-turns.
Today's ride was to Wenatchee sticking mostly to well known highways. The run on I-90 to Ellensburg from George was in to a steady head wind of about 25 miles per hour. It was a tiring ride.
One of the purposes for both rides was to visit the local Harley Davidson shops. I look forward to returning to the Phoenix area and visiting large, fully stocked Harley shops again. I'm sure the limited riding season plays a part in the economics of operating a shop, but Sound Harley Davidson in Smokey Point seems to be able to make a go of it as a pure Harley shop. The people at Owens HD in Yakima are friendly and helpful, but their resources are limited. I was not impressed with the operation of Legends HD in Wenatchee and the prices on the displayed bikes seemed very high.
Okay Paige, that's what I've been doing.
Now I can get back to using my computer for it's real purpose - looking for a love life and parts for my Harley.


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear. It's just that you've been pretty quiet on the emailed links to craigslist finds too.... sorry about the cat. The weeners miss you. They both went to the vet last Wednesday and got shots. See you in AZ. I see that it's cooled down to about 85 tonite...nearly balmy!

CiaoBella! said...

Sorry we missed you, Scott. I hope you enjoyed some part of your reunion. And then you had to head back over Tuesday? Sorry again. I hadn't heard a word about her TV. Sorry about the cat, too. Hi to R & P, and also Paige; I must know her by now! Some of us have coupons for the Tul Cas for $99 nights. We should have planned ahead! Maybe next time....Happy trails! Hope to see you in Feb or March.

gerrycammy said...

We're got a very friendly (and dumb) cat we're trying to find a home for if you friends want another one. He's a cool cat, but is just too much for us since our two children joined our lives.