Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodguys South West National Hot Rod Show

Five of us from the park (John, Jerry, Larry, Dave and I) rode our bikes to West World in Scottsdale to look at all of the shiny cars at the Goodguys South West National Hot Rod Show. Dave and I went last year. You may remember that I posted some pictures. It really does get overwhelming. So much chrome and so many nice paint jobs. We usually search out the odd and unusual vehicles for special attention. Jerry spent most of his time looking at the junk in the swap meet. He wants a copper Arizona license plate for his collection. John looked at just about every car that had a "For Sale" sign in the window.


Anonymous said...

Rob says, "nice to hear your still alive and well". That weird looking car should be called the Anteater. Sounds like a really cool show and I really liked the truck and bike combo. It's really crappy weather here so it's nice to see pictures of sunshine. Say hi to Dave.

Rob said...

Very cool rides! I would like to have seen these in person. Oh ya that is one sweeeeeet cycle above!!!