Friday, January 1, 2010

Small traditions

Everyone has them I suppose.

Big John rides every New Year's Day - so today we rode to Gila Bend, five of us, John, Jerry, Jim, Brak and I. Lunch at the Space Age restaurant or whatever it's called. Lots of bikes in the parking lot. Must be a popular tradition. John was disappointed that they weren't offering a black eyed pea and cornbread meal. Another midwest tradition I guess.

As for my my little tradition, I jumped in the pool at midnite. It doesn't qualify as a polar bear dip since the pool is 81 degrees, but it meets the criteria of washing away the troubles of last year, leaving a clean slate for the new year.

Best wishes to all for the coming year and decade.


Jane and John Weichert said...

I like the idea of washing away the troubles of the last year.

Paige and Dave said...

There should be pictures? See you all Sunday. Dave

Anonymous said...

Good way to start the new year, washing away the old troubles. Hopefully this year will be 500% better than the last.

Bob said...

Best wishes for a new year Scott....because I care.

MW said...

Happy New Year my friend. Good health and steady retirement checks to you. I, for one, had a fantastic 2009 and can only wish 2010 is comparable. Hope to see you down the road soon if not earlier.