Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In recovery

There will still be too much information for some in this post.
Here I sit in my box on wheels, waiting for something to happen. I feel great. The procedure seems to have gone well. I feel like I should just go back to my life before the incident. I have no scar, no stitches, no bandage, no aches or pains. I feel good.
I was cautioned not to strain. Don't lift anything heavier than a half gallon of milk. Use a stool softener. Do nothing.
They were right. The day after I got out of the hospital I went grocery shopping and filled a prescription for antibiotics. Later that day there was blood in my urine.
Saturday Thom and I drove the motorhome to town to dump the waste tanks. In the afternoon there was blood in my urine.
My urologist said that there would be blood in my urine for a while. Still it is disturbing when it happens.
I sit here reading anything in the motorhome, watching dvds, playing computer games, keeping up with all of my facebook friends. Good friends call to check on me, Steve and Michelle stopped to visit on their way home from Republic. I intend to sit here for a couple weeks and do nothing.
It's harder than I imagined. I thought I was doing nothing all this time since my retirement. Now I know what doing nothing means. I feel bad that I'm not out helping Ross and Patti more. They have taken such good care of me, I'll repay them in time.
I feel fine.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a successful relief drilling operation. Very good to see that you are doing so well. After watching the procedure on you tube, figured that you might be trying very hard not to sit down. Sounds that you should recover well and hopefully this minor problem will never return.