Sunday, July 18, 2010

Progress in Thom's yard.

Thom bought a nice little house on the Key Peninsula near Gig Harbor.  Over the years it has not had the tender loving care that it deserves, but Thom wants to make up for it.  This past week has been spent pulling some weeds, cleaning/staining the deck, fixing the fountain/pond - but mainly addressing the curb appeal of the front yard so visitors will feel welcome.
In these photos, Thom is working to remove an Alder root, and enjoying the finished burm at the front of the yard next to the ditch.  I threw in a before and after shot, too.
I'm able to help a couple hours each day and light a fire under his butt to focus on one small part of the yard and not get overwhelmed by the big picture.  The lot is a half acre, with most of the back yard undeveloped.  Lots of weeds and brush to worry about back there.  We aren't going to get it all done in one summer visit.

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