Sunday, December 5, 2010

Overnight ride to Lake Havasu City

I joined a riding group here in the valley called the East Valley Road Rascals. The organizer, Sherry, does a fine job of picking out rides and events to attend. This time we left Saturday morning for Lake Havasu City to watch the Christmas boat parade. It's a big tailgate party along the shore near the London Bridge waiting for nightfall and the arrival of the boats. I'd like to say that I was able to get pictures of the boats, but I'd be lying. I found a setting on my camera for night landscape pictures, but alas, I'm no Cory Parris (nor do I have his camera).

One big bonus included in an overnight motorcycle ride is the opportunity to sleep in a big bed with a full size bathroom just across the room!

On Sunday we headed north to Route 66 and the town of Oatman so we could pet the wild (?) burros. From there we followed 66 to Kingman, had lunch at Mr. D's then headed home. 120 miles of mind numbing, butt numbing hiway 93 to Wickenburg.

Everybody made it home safe, with only a couple visits from law enforcement (not me).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend.

Jane and John Weichert said...

What fun!

Bob said...

Very cool pictures Scott!

Anonymous said...

Robert G said, how was the tailgating! Sounds like there were some women along so you probably didn't miss Dave! I see what looks like a flip up helmet on the bed. Do you have the HJC Symax model like mine? I seem to remember you telling me that you did. Glad to see some new posts. I'd almost given up on checking.

Scott said...

Rob - I bought the Nolan modular that is set up for blue tooth (although I don't have the blue tooth technology yet). There were women on the ride and, except for the jello shot incident, I had a good time even though David was not there.
I don't see many posts from you either (on facebook or here).

Steve said...

Leave it to Robert to notice the technical details in the photos and miss the haunting surreal effect you gave to that houseboat.