Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One week

Because I was having so much trouble posting with the old "new" format, I basically gave up on my blog. This new "new" format seems much more user friendly and I'll try to add some posts.

I am in Washington now in preparation for the annual motorcycle ride with Steve, Rob, Dave and Pat. It appears that everyone will make the ride this year, the first time in four years I think. This year we are revisiting some of our favorite roads from past rides (excluding British Columbia). We will head north and east from Olalla, taking the North Cascades Highway (US 20) - the northern route across Washington. Our first day of 365 miles will end at Omak. That will be our second longest day going strictly by mileage. The second day of 265 miles will take us north through Tonasket, along the Canadian border, drop down through Republic, Kettle Falls, back up to the border and down to Colville. Day three is 289 miles through Metaline Falls, Chewelah, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, and east to Coeur d'Alene. We may take a side trip to Mount Spokane. Our fourth day of riding will get us to Walla Walla, Washington, via Pullman and Kahlotus - 292 miles. We will enter Oregon on the fifth day, headed for Enterprise, but most of the day will be spent going northeast through Lewiston and the Spiral Hiway. It will be a short day, only 250 miles. 293 miles from Enterpeise to Burns on Day 6. On the seventh day we will ride 389 to The Dalles on the Columbia River. One of Rob's favorite places. The ride will take us thru John Day and the Umatilla National Forest. Three hundred and thirty-one miles to get us home, passing Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. I imagine that by the end of the eighth day and 2500 miles, out butts will be sore, but we'll already be planning the next ride.

I will post pictures here and try to link my blog to facebook.

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Glad to see that your back. Missed your updates on the good life, retired.