Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They're off

Dave and Paige are off and running on their way to Phoenix. Dave has meticulously planned out their 3,500 mile circuitous route and Paige has located all of the yarn shops along the way. She has also determined the locations of all of the wool and pulls (or whatever they're called) en route.

I had hoped to go to Oregon with them (or to Arizona with them if the house was sold) but problems with the motorcycle carrier (and my back) kept me here. The combined weight of the bike and carrier were just too much for the suspension of the Minnie Winnie. I was able to sell it for what I paid (except for the cost of building a new hitch) and have started rebuilding a 1961 Continental boat trailer in to a motorcycle trailer. My brother gave me the trailer and I found some rails on craigslist, new lights and fresh paint, maybe some tires...

It just won't matter if the house doesn't sell.

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