Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The R word

Don't let 'em fool ya. They'll only screw ya.

The current administration says it isn't so, but it's here - recession.

Mortgage loans are at an all time low - some as low as 4.6%! Sales are as slow as molasses. Countrywide got bailed out by Bank of America. The feds are considering eliminating capitol gains taxes.

I'll keep the house on the market for a few more months, but that's it.


Frank said...

I talked to GG (aka "your momma") last night. It should be fun to get together in San Diego. Our only actual obligation there is the wedding itself Saturday evening, otherwise it's vacation time in someplace warmer than here! We're currently planning to arrive Thursday (Ronnie flies in Thursday at midnightish but the girls and I are driving, probably departing the previous Tuesday.) and depart Sunday for a visit-some-other-folks-on-the-way trip back towards home.

Scott said...

We'll take a couple days and nights to get to SanDog (cuz Momma don't like to drive too long) and about the same coming home. We plan to leave her house early on the 14th.