Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Old!

...and I'm not talking about myself.

More lookers today. My house has been on the market since late July and I've had to keep the house fairly neat and clean, beds made, dishes put away and toilet scrubbed the whole time.

I do hope that today's prospective buyers appreciate the house for what it is - a two bedroom, one bath house built in 1952. I've had families of five come look at the house thinking that the basement can be made in to three more bedrooms. Well, I guess it can, but it would cost about as much as the asking price to do so.

So another Sunday morning was spent cleaning rather than sitting around in my underwear drinking coffee and watching football. I imagine that it's good for me.


Aunt Mary said...

Bake chocolate chip cookies and have them hot from the oven right before people show up.

Scott said...

I've done that a few times, usually for the folks that come back a second time. I go ahead and light the candles and turn on some smooth jazz for the first visit.