Saturday, December 22, 2007

No diving

The kiddie pool is gone. The hum of the dehydrator and air movers (why don't they call them fans?) fill the house 24 hours a day. My tinnitus rings clearly that I've heard enough of that tune. When I empty the bucket there is always a little water, but not much. I will let the equipment run the prescribed amount of time to ensure full recovery from the flood.

Joey says there are now two people interested in the house. I doubt I'll hear anything until the new year.

I love to hunt for bargains. Prowling the thrift shops is an almost daily regimen. I have filled my son's closet with new or nearly new upscale clothes. A North Face jacket, Kevlar lined Draggin' Jeans (specifically made for motorcycle riding), a regulation Navy pea coat, many Halloween costume accoutrement. Sometimes I find a bargain for myself. Yesterday I thought I hit the goldmine - a BOSE Wave radio for only $24.99. I tested it at the store (no return on electronic items), but when I got home - nothing. I guess I'll see if BOSE will help me out even though I didn't pay $300 for it. Got any ideas?


Frank said...

Merry Christmas and good luck on the house sale!

As for tinnitus and Bose, for me those two go together. My ears HATE the sound produced by Bose anything, even their aviation headphones are nasty for me. So, good luck with that, too! (grin)

Scott said...

I contacted Bose - they will fix the radio for $75. The correct power cord (with built in antenna) will cost $2.79 and the replacement remote is $6.89. I've had no bad experience with Bose - almost no experience with Bose.

Nothing new on the house. Hope you and yours had a happy happy and a merry merry.