Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December blues

It's that time of year. I don't have a bubbly/perky persona in the best of times and the holiday season brings out the worst. I really dislike the forced friendliness and well wishes, the required gifting and the once a year need to help others. There is no regulated time period for these things.

Ten inches of rain in twelve hours following a couple inches of snow the previous day have left the area a quagmire. My basement is a kiddie pool - no diving allowed. Water from the storm drains was gushing up through the floor drains of my basement. Others had it much worse and I count myself among the lucky. All I lost were some photographs and childhood mementos.

Adding to my sour attitude is the fact that I wasn't supposed to be here for another winter. The housing market is dead and I fear that my house won't get sold until spring and at a substantial discount. Perhaps I am fated to stay put.


Ronnie said...

Don't give up! It'll happen! You can go land-cruising on the cheap by working in some additional boondocking. And some of the cheapest (or free) places to park the Minnie Winnie are the most spectacular and quiet!

Ronnie said...

About planting St. Joseph:

It's worth a try! :-)

Scott said...

I wouldn't know where to buy a plastic St. Joseph.