Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Day-to-Day Life

The only thing left on my calendar is to go watch Wendy participate in the Penticton Ironman on the 24th. After that, I have to make a few decisions.

Do I move over the mountains? That's where most of my friends and family live and I want to see them, but that is also home to the gray skies and traffic.

Should I buy a dish? I've learned to live without television, but sometimes...

Do I go back to Arizona for the winter? I know I want to go south and Dave & Paige will be in Apache Junction..... I've never parked the Minnie Winnie more than 4 weeks in one spot (except in front of my old house while I was waiting for the house to sell, so that doesn't count).

A real big decision will be how long do I want to continue living in the Winnie and if I want to live in a house, where?

Stayed tuned readers, watch me wrestle with myself.

For now, I'll go back outside and finish digging up that Oregon grape that Patti wants out of her yard, then get my new RAM cards for the laptop (1 gb) so I can watch videos (maybe even FAILURE - The special ordered RAM cards didn't work. They suggest I order directly from Dell. Crap.

Let me finish my coffee and ponder these earth changing subjects.


Anonymous said...

Goldbecker says, "My money is on Scott winning the wrestling match".

Anonymous said...

You have many months to decide where to live. You should 'experience' the west side weather again then try the Arizona weather before making the big jump. Only problem with the Ellensburg/Thorp/Cle-Elum and Wenatchee Valley area is the amount of winter fog they get. Almost worse than the west side with the never ending drizzle. The North Coast between PA and PT aren't bad, close to family and friends yet dry enough to be livable. Either side of Olympia is nice, but getting a bit expensive as the Frigging Old People,(FOP's) move out of the Seattle area.

Scott said...

Boy that fog comment sure raised the hackles of a couple of life long Thorpians.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah the Wenatchee Tourist Bureau says they get 300 days of sunny skies per year. In the winter we must 'always' catch one of the 65 non-sunny days in the 15 or 20 times we're over that direction each season. Whether we use 2 or 90 the conditions are always about the same.
A foggy day on the eastside is always better than a partly cloudy day on the westside.