Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dead Dell

I bought memory upgrade cards from Dell for my Dell computer. After installing them in accordance with the directions provided, my computer failed to start up. I reinstalled the original RAM cards and tried - no good. I called the Dell technical support group in India. The guy had me disconnect everything, pull my hard drive and battery and CD-rom, then try to start it - no luck. Then he says, "I'm very sorry, your mother board needs to be replaced." My reaction was somewhat along the line of "What the *^&%$ are you talking about? My computer worked this morning before I installed the Dell RAM in my Dell computer, what are you going to do about it?". I got another "I'm very sorry" and transferred to customer service so I could return the RAM upgrade I bought. This person asked for my e-mail address - they aren't listening, my computer isn't working, having my e-mail address is useless. I asked again if they were going to do something about my ruined motherboard, he offered to connect me to the technical support folks. I explained I had just been talking with them for 45 minutes, I don't need technical support, I need a new computer and Dell should do something about it. You got it, "I'm very sorry".

So dear readers, I'm very sorry, I won't be in contact via e-mail or blog until I replace my computer. Expletive deleted.


Paige and Dave said...

So sorry to hear of ol'dell's demise, seem like only yesterday it was state-of-the -art. I hear Best Buy and Costo have some good deals, hope it all work out soon.

CiaoBella! said...

We're missing you!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately frying a computer is not as uncommon as 'they' would like you to believe. Fried our computer with a small, but significant application, of hot coffee to the keyboard. New keyboard, new hard drive and a complete reloading of all programs it became functional.

Condolences, a refreshing chilled bottle of your favorite wine generally assists in the repair or replacement.