Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Let's play two"

I visited Hohokam Park in Mesa today. I don't follow the Cubs, but I always liked Lou Pinella. That's him leaning on the batting cage - #41. I'm sure real baseball nuts would know some of the other in the picture, but I can't tell them apart. I tried to ask Lou what he thought about Griffey signing with the Mariners, but he was too busy talking to reporters asking real questions about the Cubs.

Hohokam Park is the oldest spring training facility in the valley. A man with foresight named Patterson convinced the Cubs to move their spring training to Mesa back in 1950 or so. That was the start of the Cactus League.

I'll make it over to the other side of the valley and visit the Mariner/Padres field soon. Erica has mentioned coming down for a long weekend and Ken and Juliet had plans for a trip south that may or may not happen. Dean wants to meet for lunch and take in a game some time. He and Sue are buying a house over there in Sun City.


MW said...

Don't forget to check out the 2 new parks @ Goodyear (Indians) and Glendale (Dodgers). I hear the White Sox are defecting from Tucson next year to join the Dodgers facility. If you have time, please take a big crap in front of the Dodgers ticket windows for me. Thanks and have fun.

Bob said...

When you take that big crap Scott, please have someone take pictures so we can all enjoy the event. Bob

Scott said...

Spoken like a true steroid aided Giants fan Mike.

Bob - that's something nobody needs to see.