Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the road to Tucson

Nine of us threw a leg over our saddles and rode to Tucson. The main goal was to ride, some of us went to the Air and Space Museum. I'm sure Dave will post pics of the museum on his blog (weenerbagotales). Five of us took the opportunity to explore the side streets of Tucson in search of the new Harley shop. Somebody should tell Google that they moved. I led the group to where they used to be. Jim knew I was in the wrong place. We stopped for gas and learned that they had moved just six months ago. We stared at bikes, bought tee shirts and talked bikes (our favorite subject on these rides). Our portion of the group headed for our rendezvous point in Oracle, one of our favorite barbecue places in the valley - Bubb's Grubb "Cold brew. Nice racks. Great butts."

The ride between Apache Junction and Tucson on Hiway 79 is flat and straight.

Naval Air boneyard.

Bubb's Grub.


CiaoBella! said...

I had to go to the atlas to see your route. I don't think we ever took 79 into Tucson. Looks interesting. Lots of saguaro? We're usually one road south and staying at Picacho Peak SP when heading for Tucson. Might try it your way soon!

Scott said...

Tom Mix died while driving on 79. They renamed the wash that he drunkenly drove in to "Tom Mix Wash" and erected a memorial nearby. We usually stop there to stretch our legs.

Anonymous said...

Good photo of the 'open road'.

Scott said...

Thanks. Hard to take a picture holding the camera in my left hand, under my right arm, shooting behind me. Darn auto-focus camera focussed on my bike instead of the guy behind me.