Monday, May 18, 2009

Golf and other lies

John, Miriam and I decided to play golf today. My goal was to shoot lower than the temperature. I figured that was attainable since it's another hot day with the predicted high of 107.
We played at a lovely course that normally charges $52 for 18 holes in the winter months. In the heat of the summer, they are anxious to attract golfers and we played for $26 and that included a cart.
I haven't played in a while and it showed, but I shot an 85 and didn't embarrass myself too badly.
With the temperature reaching 100 today, a record has been broken for the most days in a row in the month of May over 100. It is supposed to continue until the weekend.
All together now - "But it's a dry heat".


Anonymous said...

Dry heat is still heat after a few days of it.
Not bad for a someone whose hasn't played in a while. Hopefully you finished the round before it passed 92 degrees.

Scott said...

I think it was close to 90 when I got up at 5:30!

Anonymous said...

90 at 530AM wow!! At least the temperature swing isn't that extreme. Once baked then never need to be reheated.

Anonymous said...

When are you heading out of the Valley of the Sun? After May in Apache Junction you will need a parka almost anywhere else you go this summer.