Friday, May 8, 2009

Life in the slow lane

Apologies to Steve Miller.

Multiple days with temperatures over 100 degrees brings life to a much slower pace. The majority of my day is spent inside with the air conditioner running. It is 7 a.m. and the thermometer reads 80 degrees. It does cool down enough at night to open the windows and get some fresh air. The term cool down is relative. There is a 30 degree temperature swing, but that just means it's a comfortable 70 degrees as I sleep.
How hot is it? It's so hot that the birds don't fly in the heat of the day. They find a shady spot and sit still. They make up for it about daylight (4 a.m.) and all of their racket affects my sleep quality.
It's 7:30. Time to close the windows and turn on the a/c.


Anonymous said...

Yah gotta hit the pool. Pruned is better than pan fried. 100 sounds real good right now as the moldy NW has had a week of early March weather rather than early May weather.

Seriously tho having the AC set between 80/84 makes life reasonable. The 30 plus temp swing between indoors and outdoors is pretty shocking to your system. Makes the idea of going outdoors less appealing.

Anonymous said...

Good news, you get a break from the weather for he next several days. After todays high of 103/104 it is supposed to cool down to 100/101 Sunday thru Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Rob says, "It took you 30 minutes to type that blog entry?". Your two fingers must be sore! Steve and I went for another 200 plus mile ride Saturday. Out towards Aberdeen again. Some pretty fun country roads but we can't wait for the passes to open so we can head east. With the Hood Canal Bridge closed for scheduled repairs the next 6 weeks the Olympic Penninsula ride up around Lake Cresent is approaching two day ride mileage. The beemer is such a sweet ride. I went for it on a couple of sections Saturday and I think I'm faster on it than I was on the Futura. The suspension is firm yet soaks up the road nicely. The seat is the only thing that's rubbing me wrong. The stock foam is super soft and doesn't hold up over long rides and I believe my fat ass is hitting seat pan. I get sore enough to have to get on the pegs ..... again to relieve the pain after a few hours. A guy named Spencer will slice the top few inches of foam off and replace it with some quality foam for $75 so I'm going to do that before I invest in an expensive aftermarket seat. We're approaching the two month mark to our big ride. Getting excited? I am.

gerrycammy said...

So how is this any different than how you spend every other day of the year Scott? :)

Don't get any on the keyboard.