Monday, February 22, 2010

Thinking of Mom

Mom took a tumble and did some serious damage to her shoulder. Surgery (possible replacement) is scheduled for Tuesday.
Update 1: Partial shoulder replacement surgery was successful. After some trouble with excessive narcotics, she is now in the transitional care unit for physical therapy.
Update 2: Mom will be leaving transitional care in a week, headed home. Family, friends and a visiting caregiver will continue her care and rehabilitation there.
Update 3: Mom is home and able to dress herself. She is still in considerable pain, but it is abating.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully your mom got through her surgery OK today. Here's best wishes for a rapid and full recovery.

Scott said...

Surgery postponed to Friday as she needs orthopedic, thorasic and vascular surgeons in attendance.

Bob said...

I hope your mom does well Friday Scott.

Scott said...

Success! She will have limited range of motion, but everything went as well as possible.

Anonymous said...

Good news for all your family and every one of her friends. Hopefully she will regain the maximum use of her shoulder rapidly.