Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We have been home for a week. Sigh of contentment.

The house is surprisingly free of dust. It closes up tighter than we thought. Our neighbors did a great job keeping an eye on the place. We quickly put the air conditioner in the kitchen window and cranked it on "High".

Back to some of those projects we started before we left for Arizona. New door to the laundry. Window treatment on the back door.

Lynn's sister Roni rode her motorcycle down from Alaska and spent a couple days with us. She left her bike and flew back to the frozen tundra for an urgent surveying job.

We made arrangements to get a couple trees planted. Landscaping the back yard is in the planning stage.

The El Camino is in the shop to get some major oil leaks fixed. Rear main seal and oil pan gasket require removal of the engine. Might as well rebuild the heads and do a few other things while it's in there - right?

Lynn got an elliptical machine to help with her recuperation. The surgical area across her chest is still very tight and sore. She says she has bricks under her arms.

The refrigerator that was in the house when we bought it has decided to act up. It's 17 years old, so I guess we are lucky it lasted this long. Found one in town that will be delivered Thursday.

Lynn finished a quilt for her niece's baby shower.

We visited the Senior Center - they asked if Lynn was returning to work - NO! I visited the golf course - they asked if I was returning to work - NO!

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