Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Honeymoon Suite

Part of the post-marriage plan, prior to Kyle's death and to Lynn's cancer, was to travel to some of the sites I have seen in my travels that Lynn has never seen. She has not been to Yellowstone. She had not been north of San Francisco until I took her to Washington last year.

We are doing our best to get back on schedule. To that end, we have been discussing whether we would travel between motels or look for an RV of some sort. Affordable motorhomes were too old. Travel trailers were too heavy for our Escape to tow. Tent trailers are too cold and don't have toilets.

It looked like we would be living out of suitcases.

Then I saw a craigslist ad for this.

We bought it. Fourteen feet long, 1960 pounds when empty. AND it has a bathroom!

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Anonymous said...

Get on the road before the snow flies