Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A good weekend

I got to see Erica on Saturday and Thom on Sunday night/Monday. Throw in a quick visit from Dave and Paige at the Thorp fruit stand as they drove by on their way to Bremerton and it becomes extra nice.
Erica recently moved in to a new apartment near the north end of Greenlake and needed a few things from my storage unit to make it cozy. She's healthy and happy and adjusting to living by herself again. The day after she signed the lease for the apartment she was offered the lead HR position at Honolulu airport. While many of us would have jumped at the opportunity, it held no attraction for her. I should mention that she has also been offered similar positions at the Anchorage and Edmonton airports. She likes Seattle, her friends and family are here.
Thom was in Ellensburg to look at apartments/houses for rent in preparation for his return to Central for the winter quarter in pursuit of his Masters in cognitive psychology. He has requested a shift change from his employer to fit his class schedule.
Paige and Dave are squatting at Forrest's shop. It was good to see them again. I've been following their adventures on their blog (see the link on the right side of my blog). I think I'll join them later this week. It will be nice to see the old stomping grounds and say "Hi" to friends before I head south again.
Summer is over, even on the east side of the mountains. The sun is still bright, but lower in the sky. Mid seventies during the day, low fifties at night. I guess I'll buy that bum warmer in Bremerton.


Paige and Dave said...

Not so warm here either... AJ will be better. While you are there, get your satellite reciever out of storage....No cable at Grandma Phil's RV Park

Scott said...

No satellite receiver in storage. I've been watching too much TV lately anyway. I'm ready for some desert heat.