Sunday, September 28, 2008


Dave, Paige and I (mostly Dave) have begun planning the trip south. We will start from different locations as I have decided to revisit Ross and Patti in Thorp next week. Our planned date of departure is the sixth of October. Most of the trip will be made on Hiway 395 though California. Currently planned stops on the way to Apache Junction are: Moro, OR; Klamath Falls, OR; Reno, NV; Lone Pine, CA; Needles, CA; Quartzsite, AZ. The hiway and the rv parks have to meet the size requirements of the 65' circus train that Dave and Paige call home.
My drive to the Phoenix area last March was a speed run to escape the rain, with very little time taken to smell the roses along the way. This trip should be much more leisurely with time taken for exploring and riding, happy hours and pupus. The temperatures in Apache Junction are still hovering above 100 degrees, so there is no hurry to get there, but the nights are getting chilly here, so it is time to go.


CiaoBella! said...

Hoping to see you again before you leave!

Chrome Zone Cycle Shop said...

Enjoy reading your blog!