Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Empty spaces

The first of April. The migration to northern climes has begun. I don't get it. North Dakota is flooded. Minnesota is still covered in snow. Don't get me started on Canada, eh? Even western Washington got a dusting of snow today. I'll be here until summer actually arrives in the northwest - or on my way, following the sun north.

I keep myself (and Dave) busy fixing little things on the RV. The worst item was the sewer pipe that had come disconnected from the holding tank. It's a good friend that will help you fix something like that, and Dave was right in there with me. The longest lasting problem will be the odor of cigarette smoke that permeates the coach. I've borrowed a carpet cleaner from another park resident and cleaned the carpet twice. The big bottle of Fabreze will run out sometime. I am open to suggestions - anything short of ripping out the upholstery and carpet.

We did take a break for a ride today. Our usual Wednesday ride to lunch, just over 180 miles. It was a blustery day and the wind made the ride just a bit less enjoyable than normal. We were a group of only three today. There have been as many as eleven on our Wednesday rides.

Time for a soak in the hot tub. They will turn off the heat in May, so we had better enjoy it while we can.


CiaoBella! said...

We have decided to stay until the 10th. Several trips to take yet on our explorations. Most all our friends are gone except Joe and Karen. Pretty empty RV lot!

You'll probably have to scrub the ceiling, the walls, cabinets, every square inch. Sorry.

gerrycammy said...

Scott, if your waiingt for summer to show up here, you might as well just plan on only being here in august... it's look like it's going to be another cool summer.

As far as the smoke, we've bought two used cars that used to be owned by smokers... and stunk pretty bad. We did fabreeze and cleaned the uphostery, but the only thing that really seemed to take care of it was just good old ventilation.

Left the windows down for about a week and that seemed to do it. There are a bunch of cleaning products that claim to take out the smell, but if you want my opinion, they just make it smell worse with all the nasty solvents and chemicals.

Anonymous said...

RobertG here. Gerrycammy is right on the ventilation. I was going to suggest you start smoking.

Anonymous said...

You have two thirds the required products, air and Fabreeze. Get a bottle of Simple Green and wipe down all hard surfaces. There is a coating of smoke on everything. Til you get rid of the lingering haze the odor will remain. I have been working for three weeks cleaning up my parents house where there was a smoker for 15 years. Walls, ceiling, woodwork, you name it and we have cleaned it. Scrubbing everything is the only way to rid the place of the odors. House smells much better and is noticeably brighter.