Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short ride

We can check another one off Dave's "must ride" list. We took a short (115 mile) ride up Hiway 60 though the Salt River Canyon (Canyon Rio Salado), then turned around and rode 115 miles back with a short stop in Globe for a Swiss mushroom burger and a chocolate shake.

There are a series of switchbacks down to the river crossing in the canyon bottom and more switchbacks as you climb out of the canyon on the north side. The speed limit is a factor as the posted limit is 35 mph and most people have no patience.

There were the normal delays on 60 just east of Globe. They are widening the road, blasting and jack hammering the rock away a bit at a time, scooping it up, hauling it down the road to a crusher, making gravel, then taking it back to make the new road bed. Again - is anybody listening? - patience is a virtue.

I'm sure that Steve, Rob and Pat are getting in similar rides to ensure they are prepared for the SpudRun in July. What's that? Oh - it's raining in Washington. Never mind.
Dave has a nice compiled photo and a map on his blog: http://weenerbagotails.blogspot.com/


Dan said...

Actually the weather for the last couple of days has been good here and suppose to be good tomorrow. Lots of days to get in long rides. Well, I guess if you don't work you have lots of oppurtunities!:-)

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it! Water in the desert, what will they think of next!

Anonymous said...

Rob says, "I've managed to put 1200 miles on the beemer in this weather" Went for a ride with Steve and a friend of Steve's today. 185 miles or so. 70-75 degrees. Not bad. I'm sure the roads were not as interesting as your ride though. Need to get the beemer's first service done pronto as I'm over by double.