Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New lights

Hey, not much to report. Hottest weather I've seen since I got here last October. The temperature was over 100 yesterday. Dave and I spent most of the last two days in the pool. We bought some floatie toys to take the work out of laying in the pool. This retirement life just keeps getting tougher all the time.

I bought new turn signal lights for the rear of the bike. The old ones barely cleared the saddlebags and I worried about scratching the new paint job. I think they look pretty good.

Not to be outdone, Dave bought a new seat for his bike. Being vertically challenged, he could barely put his feet flat on the ground at a stop light and his arms were always stretched straight out to grab the handle bars. He is much more comfortable on the bike now. An added bonus is that the passenger seat is much more comfortable. Maybe Paige will ride with him more often now.

We tested the trailer wiring this morning - everything seems to work. Hooray!

I'll be moving to my new space next week (#145). The folks that are in the space now, had planned to be home by now, but his cataract surgeries got delayed a few weeks. Now that he can see, they plan to pull out on Tuesday. The park is anxious for me to move as they are planting a park model (single wide trailer, semi-permanently attached) on my current site (#94). My new space has an open field behind it (on the other side of a chain link fence) with lots of rabbits and quail and doves and squirrels, etc. My coach will be sitting north-south instead of east-west. I will no longer have the afternoon sun beating down on the entire driver's side of the coach.


Dan said...

When are you leaving Arizona? Or are you?

The lady at the escrow company said that she had just returned from your area and was telling me how HOT it was. We had near record temps yesterday. Overcast but warm today.

The new signal lights look good. I had to enlarge the picture to see that they are one piece.

When is Dave's newly painted tank arriving?

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the snakes. Need to watch for the friendly critters in the morning now.

Paige was just commenting about the number of snakes near where their site is.

Scott said...

I think I'll be here until the end of May. It may be mid to late June before I get to Washington though. I will use Thorp as my home base.

Paige and Dave said...

I haven't actually seen any snakes yet....which explains why we are still here... but I KNOW they are out there!