Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exterior photos of 690 Cleveland Street, Fallon, NV

We waited all day Thursday to hear if our offer had been accepted - and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. When our real estate agent called Monday to ask when we could meet the inspector to do a walk through of the house, we were a bit surprised. Pleasantly so. There will be pictures taken of the inside today, but I took some pictures of the exterior yesterday.

It is a manufactured home, converted to real property by placing it on a full foundation, built in 2005. The garage and shop are much older. We have been told the original house was torn down and the manufactured home brought in to replace it. To us it is huge - 1225 square feet (remember we were in just 400 square feet for the last few years). 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. It has a split floor plan with the master bedroom on the end away from the street and the sewing room and guest room at the other end. No sense calling it a third bedroom.

The first time we saw the house, we drove on by. It is so nondescript from the street we didn't think we'd like it. Once we looked at some other (poorly maintained) homes in the same area with higher asking prices, we went back to take a closer look - and liked what we saw. It has been on the market and empty for about five months. It has zero landscaping, so that will keep us busy for a while. We won't be able to do anything major until the park model in Apache Junction sells.

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K Mingea said...

Hey Scott, going to put palm trees in the yard ? Maybe next to the new pool ? LMK