Friday, April 18, 2014

Oasis of Nevada

Lynn and I have been in Fallon, NV, for a week now. The days have rushed by in a blur. We rented an apartment, looked at houses, got utilities started, looked at houses, started the process for changing credit unions, looked at houses, found out what we have to do to get Nevada drivers licenses, looked at houses, made arrangements for a Nevada insurance agent and made an offer on a house.

First, about the apartment, it was not move in ready. While it had new paint, new carpet and new linoleum, the new appliances were not scheduled to be delivered for four days. We took it anyway. Cheaper than living in a motel and we would have to buy meals anyway. Gave us an excuse to go to Burger King in the morning for free wi-fi.

Looking at houses. We have been looking at houses on-line since last October. Turned out we should have bought last October. There was a serious run on homes in our price range. Bought up by investors for use as rentals. All of those 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses on acreage seem to have septic or well water problems. It is the sandy, alkali soil. Arsenic is a problem in the drinking water here. We decided we want to be in old town with city services. I want to walk to the coffee shop and library.

Getting a drivers license. Be prepared to show eighteen different forms of identification to get a Nevada drivers license. Okay, maybe not 18, but they want to see your birth certificate, passport, social security card, marriage/divorce papers that show a name change and DD-214 for vets. All of these must be original or certified copies. Lynn has to gt a copy of her marriage and divorce papers, the copies she has are not certified. Additionally, we will have to take a written exam. Good thing I want to be able to walk to the coffee shop...

Switching credit unions. Kitsap Community Credit Union has been good to me over the years - but they are in Kitsap county, 800 miles away. I decided to join Navy Federal CU since there is a branch here on the Naval Air Station. Have to get a pass to get on the base to visit the branch office, but that's okay. Had to get a new ID card at Pass and ID, but that was okay, too. NFCU (specifically Debbie) was very courteous and helpful. They refinanced the car, gave me a VISA card with a higher limit and lower interest rate and made me feel good about the decision. They even gave us coffee mugs!

Switching insurance agents. I've worked with Aaron and Sue Beck of A G Beck Insurance in Silverdale for a long time. I like them. They are facebook friends. Nevada state law requires that I have an insurance agent based in Nevada before I can register a vehicle here. I found a Safeco agent in Sparks, she seems nice and helpful. Hope the transition goes smoothly.

On my birthday, we made an offer on a house. I'll tell you more after the offer is accepted and the deal moves on a bit further. Hard to not get excited about the possibility.

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