Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moving is complicated

Sometimes, a person wishes that seemingly simple things could be done simply - then government bureaucracy gets involved.

Nevada has some restrictions that may prove difficult. Of course, I may have made things a little tougher by trying to skip a few steps.

To obtain a drivers license you need several forms of identification. Okay, I can handle that: my Washington drivers license, passport, DD-214, social security card, birth certificate should do. Lynn, on the other hand, has to have a certified copy of her marriage and divorce papers to document her name change. Okay, the marriage certificate I understand. She didn't change her name when she got divorced.

Registering vehicles is another problem. Joseph Heller wrote a whole book on the subject "Catch 22". I have to have insurance issued by an insurance agency licensed in the state of Nevada. Doesn't matter that I have active insurance policies issued by an insurance company that does business in Nevada. So I went looking for insurance. It will cost a bit more than my policy issued in Washington. I can handle that. They will not insure my 12 foot box van that I bought for the move. Here's where it gets tricky and I caused some of the problems. They consider a box van to be a business vehicle. I'm not running a business - I can't get business insurance. Hence the "Catch 22" reference: I have to have insurance, but I can't have insurance.

When I bought the box van in Arizona, I got an out-of-state resident 90 day trip pass for the truck, thinking that I would license it in Nevada after we got settled. Now it appears I may have to license it in Washington, keep my Washington issued insurance for a while and just sell the truck as soon as I can.

On the brighter side, we met with the mortgage loan officer and it appears that the VA loan is moving forward nicely and that the payment will be less than the rent on the apartment.

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