Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Return to AJ

Lynn and I begin a new adventure today. Not the one we had planned for this summer. We had quit our part-time, minimum wage jobs so we could travel. Lynn has never been to Yellowstone N.P. We thought we would visit friends and family across the west.

She discovered a lump in her right breast. These lumps are not unusual for her as she has always had cysts. This one scared her. Her Mother and Grandmother died of breast cancer. Lynn has been getting mammograms done since she turned 30.

This mammogram results showed the need for further testing. A biopsy of the lump was performed. The biopsy results confirm cancer is present. We don't know yet how bad. We don't know yet if it has spread to her lymph nodes.

Medical care in Fallon is spotty at best. An hour drive to Reno for every treatment/appointment did not appeal to us. We made arrangements to get treatment at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. The hospital is not far from the RV park where we still own a home, so we made the move to Apache Junction FOR THE SUMMER!

Our first appointment (I say "our" because we are in this together) is this morning at 9:30.

Post Script:

Five hours well spent. Happy we made the move down here.

News is about as good as it can be considering she has cancer. Initial thoughts are that it is invasive ductal carcinoma, about 2 cm in size. Stage 1 A.

We won't know for sure until after surgery, but it sounds as though a lumpectomy, radiation treatment and 5 years of taking a endocrine therapy pill rather than the chemo infusion treatment will be the plan of action.

Had an MRI today and will discuss those results with her surgeon on Friday.

Got a lot done in five hours today.

Feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

You two have good expectations which goes along way toward a successful outcome. Keep up the good thoughts.