Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Right breast

Somebody at the hospital looked at all of the work that was scheduled for Lynn's breast tomorrow and realized that it couldn't all be done in the time allotted, so they called this morning and asked her to come in today at 12:30.

The general surgeon in Fallon did not implant a marker (or clip) in the tumor when he did the biopsy. They did that today. They also took three core needle biopsies of the second growth in Lynn's right breast (and placed a marker). After that was done, they did another MRI and a mammogram to be sure that the markers were identifiable.

Tomorrow we return to have the same procedures done on the three suspected tumors in Lynn's left breast. Results of today's biopsy should be ready then.

On Friday we meet with Lynn's surgeon again to discuss the results and to make a plan.

Lynn is very happy with how she is being treated at Banner MD Anderson thus far.

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