Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Post surgery report

Just got back from seeing the breast cancer surgeon. Pathology results confirmed most of what was suspected. The largest growth in the right breast was 2.8 cm, but there were multiple sights. The sentinel lymph node was cancerous, so additional nodes were removed. Of the 27 removed only 3 were cancerous. The pre-cancer growths in the left breast were also numerous but were still contained within the ducts. The sentinel lymph node examined when the left breast was removed was found to not be cancerous, so no additional nodes were removed on that side.

This changed the right breast to stage 2B and the left breast remained a stage zero.

Because only three lymph nodes were involved, radiation therapy is not anticipated. Because three lymph nodes were involved, chemo therapy is anticipated.

CT and bone scans are scheduled for the near future. One of the three drains left in place following surgery was removed today. Removal of the other two is eagerly anticipated.

We meet with the oncologist on Thursday.

Spirits are good, pain is bad, drugs are good.

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Anonymous said...

Actually very good report, maybe not from your view point right now, but this is will result in a excellent outcome and a long life together.