Monday, June 15, 2015

Chemo starts

A long day at the clinic. Got there before 9 for blood lab work. Place was packed. After 10 before Lynn was finished with blood sample and insertion of tube in her port.

Appointment with Doctor to go over results of the MUGA (heart blood pooling test).

Appointment for infusion was for 11:30, but it was after 1 when they got started.

Got home after 4.

Lynn is feeling okay. We'll see what tomorrow brings. These drugs affect everyone differently. Because Lynn never suffered morning sickness when she was pregnant, she may tolerate this drug well.

Tomorrow she gets a shot of neulasta (I'm not sure of the spelling. Supposed to help prevent infection), then lymphodema therapy (massage and exercise) Wednesday and Thursday.

She returns for her next cycle of chemotherapy in two weeks. She has four cycles of this drug, followed by 12 weekly doses of a second chemical.

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