Monday, June 29, 2015

Two weeks

They said it would happen about two weeks after she started her chemo therapy. Lynn's hair is coming out in small clumps.

Infusion days start on the first floor in the Draw Lab for blood work (her hemoglobin was low today), then up a floor for a visit with her oncologist - Dr. Liu-Dimlao - and finally up to the the third floor and the Infusion Center.

Today was round two of her "Red Devil" infusions (out of four total). Unlike the first time, she had an afternoon appointment. She feels a little worse this time, but not nauseous.

Tomorrow we return for the neulasta injection and lymphedema therapy. I will get more instruction in lymphedema massage and Lynn will get more physical therapy.

Everyone we deal with at Banner MD Anderson makes the effort to ensure Lynn feels comfortable and to keep to the schedule.

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