Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lynn's new toy

Growing tired of giving all of our money to doctors and hospitals, we decided to do something silly and fun with just a little of our reserves.

While walking through the Mesa Market, we stopped to look at a cute, refurbished golf cart. This business buys old carts, restores them, paints them (this one was teal and white), reupholsters the seat(s), puts on new tires and finds new homes for them. The cart made Lynn smile.

We left the market after buying a few small items. As we were driving out, I jokingly said "Let's go back and get that cart." Surprisingly Lynn agreed.

I turned around, went back in the market and we talked to the lady minding the store. She told us about the shop where the work is done. Since it was on the way home, we headed that way and met the owner - Joe.

We took the tour of the facilities, got the full sales routine and picked out a cart that had not yet left the shop. It's not teal, but it fits Lynn better, with cute bucket seats and copper brown paint that sparkles in the sunshine. Kind of looks like a Transformer from the front. It doesn't come with a title, so we don't know exactly how old it is, but it is suspected of having been built in 1973. Only 42 years young.

Post script: Found a company that sells parts for older carts and have learned the JM stands for Johns Manville, who owned the Club Car Company for a few years in early to mid 70's. Ours is a Club Car Caroche.

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