Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reflections on the first day

Motorhomes look small. The Minnie Winnie looked extremely small. So why did it take me sooooo long to remove all of my junk? It took twice as long to put it in the Southwind, mainly because I didn't know which large cupboard I should put my little bit of food in or which drawer should be the holder of my plastic utensils.
Arizona has a quaint way of getting a person's money. All vehicles being bought or sold at a dealership must pass an emissions test. Does not matter that the vehicles are not titled in the state (or will ever be titled in the state for that matter). By the time all of the small details that my salesman has neglected to discuss with me had been completed, three hours had passed.
The return drive to the RV park was uneventful. The Southwind handles well and the Ford V10 in this unit is just as responsive as the one in the Minnie.
Upon my return, I found that my "friends" had taken the opportunity to create a proper welcoming for me - sort of.
I found some of my belongings had been moved out in to my parking space and a sign had been erected stating "Anything you don't want, put here". Luckily, no one had taken them up on their offer and the only garbage I had to throw away, was that found in the new RV.
The Southwind had been owned by a small corporation or some such. It has spent most of it's life in a storage lot. All of the outside storage bins had something in them. I found a full box of vegetable brushes. Not just any kind of brush either - Fuller Brushes. I gave one to everyone that came by to look at my new home. Dave is especially envious of the traffic cones for some reason. The shoes I found under the bed fit pretty good.
The move in to the Southwind is not yet complete. I have stuff in one neighbor's refrigerator and stuff in an other's freezer. There is stuff in the shed and stuff in the trailer.
It will be another busy day. Erica arrives tonight! I have to buy Mountain Dew and sheets to fit this bed. I'm sure I'll spend some time moving stuff from one cupboard or drawer to another cupboard or drawer.
Plans for the weekend include taking Erica to see Charlie Daniels and the Mariners. We'll find some way to fill the gaps in between.


Paige and Dave said...

I checked our freezer last night about dinner time.... you didn't bring anything over here! I know you will enjoy rattling around in your new space and it took us a week to move from our old place! Of course, you don't have nearly enough fiber in yours....
Have a fun visit with Erica, I hope we get to meet her, p

CiaoBella! said...

Road trip to Quartzsite to meet up? Congrats on the new home!!